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Рабочие и Крестьяне

Workers and Peasants: A Periodical of Soviet History.

The immediate Task of This Soviet Periodical.

Creative Commons License

Workers and Peasants Periodical by De’Vonte Tinsley is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


Note from the editor

  • Originally created for the 20th-century Russian History course taught by Virginia Tech’s Amy Nelson, this website is in the process of being transformed into a bi-monthly periodical for Soviet and Russian history.

Previous posts

To Be continued…

Below are links to additional websites to offer the reader more information on Russian and Soviet history, politics, and culture.

This is an amazing podcast by Sean Guillory a professor at Pittsburgh University. His podcast offers thoughtful and insightful commentary on Russian history, politics, and culture.

Virginia Tech Professor Dr. Amy Nelson’s website on Soviet history where she encourages students to do their own research on Soviet history and publish their work. She is the professor that encouraged me to start this periodical.