Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov, a tribute

Юрий Владимирович Андропов

On this day, February 9th 36 years ago the Soviet people and the world Communist movement lost a reliable ally, Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov. Yuri Vladimirovich succeeded Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev as General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, and Chairman of the Defense council after his death in 1982. His short tenure as leader of the Soviet State was marked by an attempt to fight the corruption that was allowed to fester in the last years of Leonid Ilyich’s reign, as well as slight economic reforms to improve the failing economy of the late Soviet period. Before his ascension to leadership in the State he was the Chairman for the committee for State Security (KGB). He was known for personal abstention from many of the luxuries high ranking Soviet officials allowed themselves, and for his content of laziness, drunkenness, and anti-Sovietism.

Interesting links

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Yuri Andropov’s speech at Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev’s funeral

Published by De'Vonte A Tinsley

Russian and Soviet history has been an avid passion of mine since I was ten. Subsequently, in my freshman year of high school, I made a commitment to be fluent in Russian by the time I graduate college. Ever since then, I have been independently studying Russian history, culture, and language for years.

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